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SEO Trends For 2017 Every Marketer Must Know

Local SEO marketing is quite versatile for it quickly adapts for every changes in the Google algorithm. Now that 2017 has come, we can expect more changes that could affect your SEO services. Let's try to check the relevant trends for this year.

Rich Answers

Getting the top position in the search results is still vital as before but we need to consider Rich Answers, too. It's usually displayed on the top of the results in bigger fonts. Optimizing your keywords can play an important role as Google would display a summary of your post with the keywords.

Increase User Engagement

User engagement is composed of bounce rate, average time spent on the website and so on. This can be considered critical as it can determine how interesting your site can be to readers or viewers. It may be hard to define specifically but we can rely on the user's behavior. We can more likely conclude that visitors who spend a long tme on your website enjoys what you offer and can help in reducing the bounce rate.

The website speed is also a factor when it comes to user engagement. The faster your site is, the happier your visitors would be in checking what you can offer. Cache plugins can help you with this and there are a lot to choose from.

Mobile Responsive

Still an important factor to consider as your website would be rendered useless if it can't display itself properly on mobile devices. Website responsiveness can help you retain visitors by having a mobile-friendly site. Modern people think it's more convenient to just use their mobile than sit in front of a computer. They can surf the internet whether in a bus, a train or wherever they may be. So, if your website is stunning on desktops, make sure it's the same on mobiles.

Google Quality Guidelines

These are just some of the Google guidelines that website owwners should know about.

Expertise/Authoritativeness/Trustworthiness or E-A-T

E-A-T is developed by suppliying accredited sourcs for the information in your post. For example, health information must come from reputable  health practitioners or organizations. A testimonial can also be considered a form of expertise.

Mobile Usability

Websites are rated according to how they are optimized for mobiles and how they meet user's satisfaction. Here are some factors that users can consider when rating mobile sites: data entry becomes troublesome, small screen devices and the difficulty to use on mobile phones.

Needs Met Rating

Needs Met Rating pertains to how users would rate the website if they consider it to be quality or not. As a site owner, you need to aim for how may visitors you have helped for the day. Fully Meets is the highest rating that a website can get but it can be quite difficult to obtain. Fails to Meet is the lowest rating and this would immediately given to all sites that are not mobile-friendly. Outdated sites, crappy content, irrelevant keywords and a few users are also culprits in getting this kind of rating.