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Marketing Ideas For Bakeries

Successful bakeries can mix sales to a routine customer base with higher profit special occasion orders. Whether bakery products focus on cakes, cookies or ethnic specialties, a strong marketing plan to increase sales and profits. The best marketing ideas for bakery products attract potential customers to try your products and turn them into loyal customers based on your best deals.

Excite the senses

Bakeries can attract customers with wafts of cinnamon, vanilla or other spice that makes a potential customer's mouth water. Fresh cooked fragrances have the greatest effect, but consider using scented potpourri or other tools to keep the smell as long as your bakery is open. If your products taste as good as they smell, you can convert an impulse buyer for a long term client.

Use the holidays

Promote your bakery through special promotions and events around the holidays. Consider offering flower cookies for Mother's Day, pre-packaged bakery products for holiday gifts and free products for Halloween trick-or-treaters. Special promotions can help to increase awareness of your bakery products and provides an extra boost in revenue to your business.

Host contests or events

The host  contests on your bakery website that generates publicity and free press coverage. Consider lookalike contests, cutest baby or essay contests. Post contest promotions in the bakery, on the packaging and through e-mail marketing campaigns. Make your event interesting, and you will generate buzz about your bakery and increase sales of your bakery products.

Get in touch with a food blogger

Obtain a report in your city or neighborhood paper. Work with food editor to craft an interesting slant on your bakery products. Consider offering readers a secret recipe, an interesting story, or a how-to article to generate interest and exposure for your bakery products. Offer a compelling angle by tying it to a human interest story or a non-profit organization to make food editor more interested in presenting your story.

Reward loyal customers

Encourage frequent purchases with a card that rewards customers with free bakery products after a certain number of purchases. Turn the card into a marketing by email participants extra promotions and special offers to encourage large orders or help launch a new product. Consider offering a monthly calendar that has functions or special offers to your best customers.


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