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Creative Marketing Ideas For Hair Salons

Hair and beauty salons difficult can be an incredibly popular sight on the high street, so it's important that your salon stand out from the crowd and to attract (and keep!) As many new customers as possible.

If your hair salon is close to a local school, try to get in touch with them to find out when the school prom or dance is. Try to negotiate a sponsorship agreement with the prom committee, to get some extra visibility for the name and logo of your salon. Everyone likes to feel special and beautiful on their big night, so consider offers students a dedicated, affordable package solution to the hair and make-up, or a business in treatments for a group of friends. If you are doing a great job for a young adult, they will almost certainly share the news with all her friends, and a good chance to get a customer for life!

Mothers Day packages can also be a good idea for hair salons, because this is a day when people deserve to be treated and pampered. Offer two hair appointments of the day for the price of one, or "buy one get one half price" may be a good idea because it will give mothers and daughters a chance to treat themselves together, and shared experiences will really get customers talking.

Loyalty programs are a brilliant way to keep your customers coming back again and again. Consider offering tenth treatment free, or a free cut and style for every tenth visit. It is cheap to print up benefit card, then simply sign or stamp them every time a customer visits. People usually visit more often when they feel they have something "free" to work towards.

Take advantage of social media. Encourage people to check in at your salon, update their status to something good about you or your pictures on your hair shining new salon "does. Even a simple" Like "on a social media network can help highlight your hair salon. A friendly little fast slipped into a conversation can go a long, long way to get some free publicity for your company and the name of your salon will be seen immediately by all your customers' followers. If you plan to use social media sites as a marketing tool, make that all your business pages is updated and contains the necessary information such as address and contact details, to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to get in touch with you. Social media can also be used to create brand loyalty of your existing customers.

It is always important to get as many new customers through your doors as possible, and all these affordable ideas can help to make your business much exposure. If possible, you can also use combinations of ideas, advertising your mothers day package through social media. Try to be as creative with your marketing as you are with your styling!